bradley liang

I want to make an impact. Professionally, that means taking ownership of projects and initiatives as well as leaving a legacy behind on teams I work with. Ultimately, I want to do things that improve people's daily lives. I'm sure some form of this decision is made by most people in the medical device industry, but the projects that excite me are ones where the technology I create makes people's lives easier and more efficient. Where can technology be used to bridge those gaps? That's where the opportunities lie.

Professional Interests

I work for Medallia engineering. Medallia is an enterprise SaaS company focused on operationalizing customer experience (OCEM). I work in text analytics, where our team is responsible for on-going work related to topic classification and sentiment analysis, at scale. Increasingly, unstructured data sources (vs. surveys, for example) are viewed as primary channels for connecting with customers: what are people talking about, and how do those things impact customer experience?

Previously, I created products to assist diabetics in the direct management of their disease (Medtronic Diabetes). I led a number of interesting projects, including Medtronic's 3rd (link, � link), 4th (link, link, link), and 5th (in progress) generation continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems and had the opportunity to drive not only sensor research and development but the algorithms and analytics behind them. If you have a few hours to kill, ask me about current research and technology related to the artificial pancreas.

Other projects I'm involved in: nothing to report right now.


A tough reality for engineers in industry: when it comes to research, intellectual property is king. In many situations, maintaining trade secrets is more important to a business than impact factor and peer reviewed articles. However, even in revenue-driven organizations there are opportunities to make an impact externally.

Documents in the public-domain:


Day and Night Closed-Loop Control using the integrated Medtronic Hybrid Closed-Loop System in Type 1 Diabetes at Diabetes Camp
T. Ly · A. Roy · B. Grosman · J Shin · A Campbell · S Monirabbasi · B Liang · R von Eyben · S Shanmugham · P Clinton · B Buckingham
Diabetes Care. 06/2015; 38(7):1205-1211

Hybrid Closed-loop Control Using the Medtronic 670G and Enlite3 System in Type 1 Diabetes at Diabetes Camp
T. Ly · A. Roy · B. Grosman · J. Shin · A. Campbell · S. Monirabbasi · B. Liang · S. Shanmugham · P. Clinton · B. Buckingham
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics. 02/2015; 17:A20-A20. (Oral presentation, ATTD 2015)

Dendrimer-Epidermal Growth Factor Conjugate Displays Superagonist Activity
TP Thomas · R Shukla · A Kotlyar · B Liang · JY Ye · TB Norris · JR Baker
Biomacromolecules. 01/2008; 9(2)

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I've tried to minimize my online footprint (you won't find me on any of the common social media sites), but I am definitely reachable through email.